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Realistic Fighting: The Game

Curious what a real-life fight would be like in the form of a video game? No, we're not talking about those Kimbo Slice fights where burly guys with reputations to gain (or lose) fight in grimy environments with their pride being on the line for the entire world to see, we're talking about a couple of yuppies duking it out in a bar...real-life style.

College Humor tossed together an animated short of a fighting game called Realistic Fighting Game, yep, it's that simple. The video is short and sweet and has a surprise guest star at the very end. You'll never guess who it is and you'll never guess how it ends. But check it out below and enjoy.

The part with Zangief was the best...he had “Prison rapist” written all over him. It wasn't even subtle. Most players would probably get stuck on that level because that poor guy Ryan would end up losing over and over again, and I'm pretty sure the end losing cinematic would be Zangief standing over a beaten and bruised Ryan saying “Ahaha, no one packs fudge like Zangief!"

The video is getting some good reactions on YouTube, but it would fail horribly as an actual game mainly because no one wants to play a game where you play average, real-life dudes fighting like two pansies and girl-pawing each other until the round ends. No, those of us who actually fight like those douchebags would preferably play hulking, masculine fighters who exercise a measure of fantastical martial arts skill and would excel at being the overseer of fudge packing if they were in prison, as opposed to being the one being fudge packed.

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