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Red Orchestra 2 Devs Don't Care About Money, They Care About Quality

Tripwire Interactive, the developers behind popular titles like Killing Floor and the original Red Orchestra, sent out a letter today addressing the state of the game for Red Orchestra 2. While the game has no doubt been a runaway financial success, Tripwire is more concerned about the quality and they are adamant about addressing these issues.

As stated in the open letter to gamers, Tripwire just let it all hang out, writing…

…for all of this success we've not done as well as we would have liked in the most important area to us - the happiness of all of our customers. To put it bluntly, the game had a rough launch. We've been working diligently since launch to get these issues sorted and have made great progress fixing issues with matchmaking, VOIP, and stability as well as improving performance. The final major area that we've been working on is stats, player progression and ranking.

Apparently some players have been receiving achievements for things they didn’t do and others haven’t been receiving achievements for things they did do. It kind of sounds like George W. Bush’s military career.

While Red Orchestra 2 has sold more copies in the past few weeks than the entire life-span of the original Red Orchestra and Killing Floor, Tripwire is more concerned about what gamers think about their product than the bottom line. It’s kind of the opposite of Treyarch blaming the gamers for the complaints about Call of Duty: Black Ops.

However, to rectify the achievement problem Tripwire has decided to do something that many gamers may not like: reset the stats. If resetting the stats now makes for better play later, then I don’t see much of a problem. Better now than later.

To help alleviate the grumblings over the stat reset, Tripwire has announced that the game will undergo a double experience bonus for the next couple of weeks. So, enjoy.

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