Cooperative games seem to release somewhat infrequently but they're welcome whenever they arrive. Co-op gamers have had some hot titles like Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon's Crown and Payday 2 to dive into recently and now a new title is on the way that brings co-op to a slightly lesser known genre for co-op game... the RTS genre. Ironward released a new trailer for The Red Solstice featuring the 8-player co-op in action, and also used the new promo trailer as a way to remind gamers that this title is still looking for a bit of support on Steam's Greenlight.

The Red Solstice has been in continued development for quite some time. We originally first wrote about the title early last year, when it was one of the indie titles looking for support via the crowd-funding surge that happened during the middle of the year.

Ironward took the concept to IndieGoGo but they didn't quite receive the support they were looking for. Thereafter the team focused more on just trying to get word out that the game was in development and that they were looking for continued support via Steam's Greenlight.

Several YouTube personalities have engaged the game's alpha and posted up some noteworthy videos of the game in action. It's best described as X-Com meets Aliens meets Doom.

The real-time strategy aspect really shines through with the game, as players will take control of their hulking space marine and attempt to steamroll through the deadly aliens. The great part about the game is that steamrolling aliens isn't as easy as it sounds, and the game has a bit of an unforgiving mean streak to it where alien-busting space marines can easily become overwhelmed and killed in the game if you aren't careful.

The game sports a variety of weapons, ranging from assault rifles and shotguns to rocket launches and mini-guns. Players can level up their character very much like traditional RPGs, and the longer you stay alive and help your team to victory, the stronger you get. The simple economics of survival: you pay out pain and try to buy as little pain as possible and you just might make it into the history books.

I'm still getting behind on coverage of other games so I don't know if I'll ever actually get around to playing it, but it at least appears to be doing something different and I like the art-style and concept. Again, if you're looking for a survival-horror, action-RTS game, this indie title is at least worth checking out for that reason.

The Red Solstice is still heavy under development but you can get in some playtime with a free alpha demo over on the game's official website or visit the official Steam Greenlight page to upvote and favorite the game.

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