Redbana Announces 100 New Songs And Outfits For Audition

A lot of people probably didn’t know that an MMO dancing rhythm game was out and about for gamers to play. Well, if you didn’t know, you know now. Redbana announced that 100 new songs will be added to the game, including When Love Takes Over (Feat. Kelly Rowland) by David Guetta, as well as new costumes for player characters.

As stated in the update notice…

Browse our new apparel, including 100 new clothes with brand new Halloween costumes. With our new BGM music selector, you can pick and choose what songs to listen to by making your own list. With the My Album feature, make a list of your favorite songs for quick and easy access for whenever you DJ a game room

Audition is actually a pretty cool game, offering up tons of gameplay features, dance modes, team modes, and character customization. Much like any other free-to-play MMO out there the game sports a bevy cache of cash shop items to either enhance a character or add an extra dosage of originality to them.

You can learn all about the new songs and clothing items, which will be available in a new patch starting October 26th, by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.