A snappy new trailer was released for the free-to-play shooter Renaissance Heroes from ChangYou Games. The trailer is all about the firepower and tools of destruction in the upcoming FPS, showing players both long range and melee options for the new title.

Bridea Studio is basically taking a lot of what they used in Huxley to try to get things ironed out nice and neat for Renaissance Heroes. You can check out the new gameplay trailer below giving a brief overview of the weapon mechanics in a short and sweet way.

The game reminds me a little bit of Assassin's Creed meets Unreal Tournament. That's definitely not a bad combination given that both games have their own measure of appeal and combining similar concepts for a free-to-play shooter is bound to spell success for the guys in charge...right? Well, I'm betting ChangYou hopes so.

Renaissance Heroes sports a cache of playable heroes, each with their own style and candor, a few maps all beautifully rendered thanks to the Unreal Engine 3, as well as more than a dozen weapons in total.

Another highlight is that Bridea is bringing back bots...yes, bots. It seems like bots would be a standard in just about every single competitive multiplayer game these days, but apparently it's still a far-and-few feature only utilized every once in a while. I'm at least glad that bots will be making an appearance in Renaissance Heroes.

You can sign up for the game and participate in the beta by visiting the Official Website.

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