As Above and Beyond Technologies gathers their resources and begins to move towards alpha testing for new MMORPG The Repopulation, they released tidbits of information about the game including the two different types of combat modes aimed at different kinds of gamers.

The first combat mode is typical MMO combat with semi-turn-based mechanics allowing for players to use the UI bar to pull off moves, skills, buffs and attacks. This mode is for the migrating World of Warcraft or Everquest crowd. The second combat mode is real-time; the mouse is used to look around and the keyboard performs the strafing, while clicking on targets will fire in the free-aim mode. This combat system is practically identical to Fallen Earth, which is basically a mimic of first-person or third-person shooter.

A few other updates also include improved AI combat tactics and pathfinding. There’s also a new military ranking system so as players defeat bad guys and earn experience they can rank up and earn new titles.

A couple of performance optimization features have also been implemented within the maps and the sub-areas, making the game run better for computers with lower RAM.

The Repopulation is an open world game with some theme-park elements that is being aimed at both hardcore MMO gamers as well as newbies looking for something a little more hardcore than typical online RPGs.

You can check out all the details and updates for The Repopulation over at the Official Website.

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