Aeria Games' latest free-to-play title to land on their portal is Repulse, a futuristic, dystopian shooter that provides gamers with both PvP and PvE scenarios enabling gamers to test their wits and skills against each other as well as NPCs.

The game was originally part of the ijji Games portal and it was called Genesis: AD, filling up the ranks alongside Alliance of Valiant Arms and Soldier Front. After Aeria Games acquired ijji Games earlier this year, the company has moved forward with further promoting Repulse and moving the game from closed-beta testing into a full commercial launch.

The game sports the latest in visual effects and if your computer is fairly up-to-date you'll be able to experience some really top-notch graphics and smooth-as-butter gameplay and shooting mechanics. If you're familiar with A.V.A. then you'll be right at home with Repulse.

Tom Nichols, North America Director of Publishing, Aeria Games commented in the press release, saying...
“We’ve upgraded Repulse with four brand new maps to celebrate its commercial launch as an intense, hard-hitting sci-fi shooter,” ... “With twitch-based action moves like the Boost Jump, Wall Jump, and Dodge, Repulse sets the standard for brutally futuristic online combat.”

Really cool additions to the game includes a high-ping kick feature, where players who lag severely in a room will automatically be transferred out. Additional maps and item mall features have been added as well.

You can learn more about Repulse or start playing the game by grabbing the client once you visit the Official Website.

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