Yet another video game Kicktarter was recently launched, this one set to fund Cadenza Interactive's six-axis shooter, Retrovirus. With the campaign set to expire on July 7, the indie studio has a little less than a month to raise the desired $75,000.

Inspired by classic PC title Descent, Retrovirus grants the player full 3D control of a ship equipped with lots and lots of firepower. Your ship is actually an antivirus program and, with completely unchained movement, you'll spend your time exploring the world of a computer and annihilating any viral threats.

Retrovirus is already two years into development and, judging by the following video sporting alpha footage, it looks like the team has come quite a long way. I was a big fan of Descent back in the day, and Cadenza's take on the formula has me pretty excited about the opportunity to once again fly freely through a world overflowing with things for me to shoot in the face.

According to a statement from Cadenza, meeting their Kickstarter goal will result in the release of their Paragon design tool alongside the game, giving the public an opportunity to immediately begin modding Retrovirus when it ships. A contribution of $15 nets you a copy of the game when it's finished and, as is becoming common practice, various higher levels of contribution will result in more spectacular perks and prizes.

For full details, contribution levels and more, visit the Retrovirus Kickstarter page.

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