Three really cool games have managed to stand out on Steam's Greenlight, including the Metroid-inspired side-scroller, Reven, and the giant-mech-versus-super-giant-robot-monsters action game, Gigantic Army.

So we'll get things started with Reven, an indie game made by Varia Games. It's a slick side-scrolling role-playing game where you take on the role of a bounty hunter named Syreks, almost similar to Samus Aran.

The game sees players exploring a planet after a strange outbreak occurs, seeing players having to explore the deep canals of a forsaken planet filled to the brim with dangerous creatures and hidden secrets. Much like Metroid, players will be able to upgrade their armor, equip new weapons and discover new abilities to modify their stats to suit the task at hand.

It's a slick looking game that definitely deserves a bit of love and attention on Greenlight. If you feel so compelled, you can also donate to the Kickstarter, which is going on right now. The great part about this game is that once it gets Kickstarted at the base level, it's already planned for release on the Wii U... so score another one for the Big 'N'.

Gigantic Army
Now here's a game that takes it back old-school... real old-school. Do you remember this really awesome SNES game called Cybernator? It was really hard, really awesome, had amazing animations and was basically one of the best robot-mech games available on the system. Well, Nyu Media's Gigantic Army is a game honed to pay tribute to the bygone era of giant-robot, side-scrolling blow-'em-up titles.

As that over-the-top trailer full of cool explosions and gigantic bosses details, this is an old-school title with new-school blood. This means that all that classic difficulty and purposed hardships thrown in the way for the sake of longevity and the exercise of player skill, will make its way into the game, but it will also feature new-age particle effects, sharp HD graphics and destructibility. I'm excited.

If you miss games like Cybernator, Front Mission or Armored Warriors and you're looking to rekindle some nostalgia in today's military-FPS saturated market, feel free to show some love and give an upvote or two to Gigantic Army over on the official Greenlight page.

Battle Steam
Dat destruction.

Steam Battle is like a indie version of Twisted Metal meets Ravaged. Wild Wolf Studios has found an untapped niche in the battle-vehicle genre where players can customize their loadout, customize their steam machine and then head out into the arena to blow the living crap out of any and everything that stands in their way.

The game looks sleek to be a low-budget title and the graphics are good enough to convince me that it can be a visually stimulating experience based on art-style and design scope alone. That's not to mention that the game has destructible environments! Did you see when that one rover tipped off the cliff and fell on top of the building and the whole thing got crushed to pieces? Freaking epic.

The feedback from the crowd is basically all positive, and gamers definitely want to see this free-to-play battle arena game make its way to Steam. I can't see I disagree with them because it's a fun little title for a fanfare of ferociously furious firefights.

If you want to get in on the action be sure to upvote and favorite this game on the official Steam Greenlight page.
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