Bandai Namco's free-to-play racing title, Ridge Racer Driftopia, hasn't fared too well in the eyes of the community. Riddled with poor review scores and plenty of bad feedback from gamers, Driftopia was an experiment that just didn't work out as Bandai Namco intended, and now it's getting shutdown.

PC Gamer is reporting that Ridge Racer Driftopia has ceased taking cash shop purchases since June 19th, and that the game's servers will shutdown by mid-August.

Official word comes from over on the Ridge Racer Facebook page, where a simple post rolls out an undeniably blatant announcement about the cessation of the game's services, stating...
“The spin-off and first free-to-play game of the RIDGE RACER series has been made available in September 2013 with an early access on PC Steam.

"We thank all the players who joined the Open Beta for their participation, support and dedication. Your feedbacks will be invested in our existing and upcoming projects to deliver you thrilling and exiting experiences.

"From June 19th, all in game purchases will be disabled. Previously purchased content will remain available in-game until August 15th. By August 15th, servers will be turned off and the game will no longer be available."

The interesting thing about it is that the game never left beta. Even more than that, the game never left Steam's Early Access program.

On the upside, since the title was free-to-play there was nothing for gamers to lose. You could start it up and play without having to put a dime into the game.

But even while it lacked a price-point, the game still garnered a lot of ire from the community over the game's lack of standard features and functionality, with Steam user Dreadnought writing...
“Insanely easy to crash, contact with walls makes you crash, yet crashing into destructible walls in an essential element of gameplay, so you just have to know, and you have to spend repair kits to repair your car or lose it, but it takes one per level and you only can get 50 free ones each day, and the AI racers can easily kill you, and challenge races can be on maps you've never played on before because they're locked and you only get one shot at them no restarts, and there is NO MULTIPLAYER!”

No multiplayer? What's the point of an online-only game if there is no online multiplayer? Really?

It's no surprise that this game never made it out of Early Access.

A lot of gamers have repeatedly complained about a feature that was reminiscent to EA's Real Racing 3 mobile app, where players are required to pay real money to fix or repair their car. The only difference is that instead of knocking time off to repair a vehicle like in EA's title, players instead will have to pay to keep their car and progress from being completely wiped out, making it even worse than EA's title.

It's a good thing this game didn't have an Early Access price tag since Valve isn't in the habit of giving back refunds on cancelled Early Access games.

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