There's a small niche community dedicated to Rigs of Rods, a vehicular soft-body physics simulator. You can drive cars, sail boats or fly planes. The car crash video gives gamers a pretty nifty look at how accomplished the collision physics are for the simulator.

Rigs of Rods has been churning up all sorts of crash compilation videos due to its accurate crash modeling of vehicular damage. It's some pretty cool stuff mirrored only – in the loosest comparison – by CryEngine 3's soft-body physics simulations.

The crashes in Rigs of Rods look really slick, though. Anyone who has played GTA IV with the realism mods might also recognize a very similar trait in the RAGE's ability to simulate soft-body deformation as well. I feel it's something that's very important for creating a realistic sense of immersion but doesn't always get the props it deserves as a legitimate design mechanic. As for this Rigs of Rods, this seems like a pretty outlet for modding and I'd love to see how well this and the Outerra Engine continue to grow and expand their communities.

I'm also really liking the new advancements in technology for physics-based simulation. While a lot of publishers enjoy “shiny” things for marketing purposes, when you look at the underlying technology in the core community, things like the Outerra Engine's procedural world generation and the advancement of water-based engineering techniques as demonstrated in Nvidia's tech demo, are where the real forms of excitement are contained.

Anyway, you can learn more about Rigs of Rods by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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