Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment released a new trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter, Rise of the Triad, and they wish you a merry Christmas while blowing the head off the main character. It's such a lovely gesture to send out during a time of all these cheerful joy and gift giving.

Rise of the Triad is a redo of the old-school classic that came out during the rise of the first-person shooter genre in the early 1990s. Unlike other remakes/redos/reincarnations that have landed on the market recently, Interceptor Entertainment actually knows what they're doing and they're keeping everything true to the spirit of the original game just with updated tech under the hood, and fans really couldn't ask for anything more. Check it out below, courtesy of DSO Gaming.

The game is coming along together quite nice. The physics look legit and the weapon handling really couldn't be any better. I seriously hope that this game finds a good measure of success because already, just from the gameplay videos alone, you can tell that the team really put their heart and soul into the design of the game and feels like such an authentic tribute to the original Rise of the Triad.

The game is scheduled to have full mod support, so weapons, maps and total conversions are totally in the question. You can pre-order Rise of the Triad right now for only $14.99 or learn more by giving a little time and effort to visiting the game's Official Website.

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