Old-school gamers will remember that in old FPS titles there used to be these things called “hidden areas” or “secret areas”. You would normally strafe the walls pressing the “Space” key in hopes of uncovering this clandestine location. Well, even though that features has been removed from modern shooters, Interceptor Entertainment is bringing it back in their Rise of the Triad reboot.

I like the idea of bridging some of the old-school ideas with new-school features, especially destructible 3D environments, liquids, reloading and advanced enemy AI. You can check out some of the level design techniques and specialties used in the upcoming shooter with the dev diary below.

This is probably one of the few shooter games that actually has my attention. I can't tell you how tired so many of those other shooters look. We've got Call of Marines: Aliens Duty coming up, Crysis 3: The Most Generic Shooter Game With Pretty Graphics on the horizon and BioShock: Infinitely Too Big For Game Consoles So It Keeps Getting Delayed So They Can Find A Way To Make A Next-Gen Idea Work With Today's Outdated Consoles.

At least with Rise of the Triad we're seeing some fun ideas with some fun weapons with some fun level designs. I like the inclusion of the stage traps and the mixture of platforming with shooting (I don't know why we don't see more of this in shooter games). The added destructibility and fantasy and realistic weapons fused into one play experience could prove to be another interesting mix.

You can learn more about Rise of the Triad, which will launch at $14.99, will be DRM-free and will support community-made mods, by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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