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Red Orchestra 2 has secured its place among PC gamers as the go-to World War II simulator. It has some issues, yes, but it's a technically proficient game that relies more-so on skill rather than gimmicks. The modding community is using the base of Red Orchestra 2 to design and develop a total conversion called Rising Storm, which takes place across the Pacific islands in and around Iwo Jima.

The modding team released the first promotional trailer for the total conversion mod, and it features a beach landing by the Americans on the island of Iwo Jima as gunners try to take down the invading force. It's a well done trailer that's moderately compelling and feels a little like a continuation of all the other World War II games that invaded the middle of the 00s during the sixth console generation.

The best part about this total conversion is that Tripwire Interactive, the official developers of Red Orchestra 2, are actually working with the modding community to help bring the expansion to life. It's a cool thing because Tripwire also started as a mod team working on Unreal Tournament conversions. Shortly thereafter they did Red Orchestra and then followed it up with the highly replayable and mod-favorite shooter, Killing Floor.

The team found enough success with Red Orchestra 2 to give a little back to the community by actually helping the community with the total conversion. That's good stuff.

You can check out additional details and design information on Rising Storm by paying a kind visit to the Official Website. We'll keep you posted on any news regarding a stable release date.

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