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Hey remember when EA used to be a good company and made awesome games like Road Rash on the Sega Genesis, and to a lesser extent, the PC and PSX? Well, another company going by the name of DarkSea Games has decided to revive the concept of Road Rash with a game called Road Redemption and it's everything us Road Rash fans have longed for in a sequel.

Man, I love that Kickstarter video above. That is a good promo video. I love that.

The thing that totally wins me over is the fact that they said, in regards to gameplay and learning curves, “This will not be easy”. THANK YOU!

I don't always want auto-aim and auto-target and auto-headshots. What the heck is the point if the game is playing itself? In just about every AAA title that's exactly what it feels like, especially with more and more games going the QTE route where you're just watching and pressing some buttons every once in a while as the character does everything else for you. What's the point of playing a challenging game if all the challenges are stripped right out from under your fingertips and replaced with canned preset animation sequences? That's stupid.

Anyway, Road Redemption is definitely a game I've been waiting more than a decade to play. The last good Road Rash game was probably Road Rash 64 before EA went on whoring out Need for Speed games in its place. I also love that DarkSea Games is keeping split-screen alive as well as network multiplayer options. The inclusion of Xbox 360/PS3 controller support and we've got a real winner on our hands.

I really hope this game gets Kickstarted because I'm terribly tired of all the military shooters or FPS titles that are just clones of another game (and they're not even that fun to boot).

With a modest goal of $160,000 and $33,000 already knocked out of the way, there's a real chance that this game could see the light of day. You can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Kickstarter Page. Please don't let this die like Project Awakened!