A new trailer has emerged for Darksea Games' Kickstarted Road Redemption, the new-school, spiritual successor to Road Rash. The trailer does a magnificent job of showcasing some of the improvements and upgrades happening to the game.

Just a month ago I managed to get some hands-on time with Road Redemption, this followed another trailer showcasing the game's vehicular mayhem with the crazy traffic settings.

The video above shows us a bit more of the police, a lot more of the destructive capabilities of pedestrian vehicles, as well as a glimpse at how the weather effects might play a part in the way a race unfolds.

From what I last played – and I'm sure they're working on this right now – the turning physics were a little toy-like, but the fighting mechanics were spot-on. It's a very satisfying game to play and beat the living crap out of opponents as you race your way from the back of the pack to the forefront of the race leaders.

As noted in a detailed article by Eurogamer, which recounts Darksea Games' developer Ian Flesch and his bid to get Electronic Arts to revive the motorcycle-combat genre for today's generation of gamers.

Unfortunately, we won't be getting any new Road Rash games from EA since they aren't Battlefield-sized endeavors or capable of rivaling the likes of Assassin's Creed, Skylanders or Call of Duty. Easily consumable mass media is what the AAA industry is all about, weeding and feeding gamers away from the thrill of competition and the mental exertion of overcoming seemingly impossible odds, while surmounting obstacles with twitch reflexes that would cramp fingers of even the most ardent of lexicographer.

The advent of Kickstarter for games has allowed titles like Road Redemption to find an audience that has become lost to the average AAA publisher. It's an opportunity to rekindle the greatness that helped shape the 16-bit era, or carve out a group of fans with games that were previously improbable until the 32-bit era – thanks to the third-dimension of interactivity – and it opens up a pathway for success to gamers who simply don't want to get stuck paying a life-time worth of coins into an endless cash shop pit for a game that was designed not to be conquered -cough-most free-to-play MMOs-cough-.

I'm happy to see games like Road Redemption grow and evolve. I'm happy to see these new trailers showing progress and advancement. And I can't wait until the finish product arrives, so gamers who have been itching for the kind of fun that has been stripped away from our culture in favor of microtransactions and in-app purchases, or “broadly appealing” buzzwords wrapped around throwaway marketing tactics pervading every inch of our waking lives to consume things that are as vapid and endless in their attention-hoarding like the deep recesses of uncharted space.

It's time to take back gaming with the kind of verve and fervor that made it mainstream in the first place, and I'm happy to see a title like Road Redemption riding along that pathway to greatness.

You can learn more about this game by paying a visit to the official website. Road Redemption is due for release later this year.

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