Ever wanted to play an open-world co-op game where you survive just like in DayZ, with food and supplies and there are zombies everywhere? But have you also wanted a game where you can build stuff anywhere, tear stuff down and destroy the environment as well? Well, Roam is a dream-game come true where it combines the best of both DayZ and MineCraft.

The indie title is currently on Kickstarter and while it has already secured its initial funding, there's still room to grow and for a game like this, growing room can make a huge difference in the final product. In fact, even the non-final product looks amazing and you can see huge, huge, huge potential for what this game could become.

You can check out one of my favorite Kickstarter videos below because it has no commentary, no talking, no selling points. It's just the game and all the awesome stuff that they're planning to flesh out through development. Enjoy.

Tell me that wasn't impressive?

The real-time lighting system playing a role in visibility and scare factors is awesome. That one hallway scene where he's backing himself down that cramped hallway in the dark was flipping awesome.

The customization is also pretty slick, I like the idea of decking out your character and improving skills and stats along the way. I hope with the extra funds we'll also get a bevy cache of weapons as well. Let's also not forget that the co-op is straight-up awesome, as there are only a few games out there that offer a worthwhile co-op experience like this.

You can learn more about the project, the goals and the plans for the title by visiting the official Kickstarter page. They've already secured $68,420 out of $40,000, as of the writing of this article. So anything extra is just to help expand on the game's already-awesome premise.

Roam is scheduled to release in early 2014.

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