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With the recent rise in cell phone gaming many companies have been acquiring or creating studios that work solely on creating content for mobile devices. For UK developer Eidos, it was the small developer Rockpool Games which they acquired last February and since then has worked on the development of mobile games for companies like Sega. Time and time again, these mobile or casual games studios are first on the chopping block when it comes to 'refinancing' and Eidos was no exception. They just shut Rockpool down.

Earlier this month Eidos suggested that their latest Tomb Raider title didn't do as well as they hoped it would, which quickly escalated into them stating that they had some money problems. It seems that they hope to soften the blow by letting go of the small mobile Manchester studio and all of it's employees (a count of only fourteen). "As a company we need to focus our efforts on high-quality titles that will deliver long-term franchise value, and in these incredibly challenging and competitive times we need to pro-actively manage our cost base," the company told Develop.

I guess as hardcore gamers most of us should be happy that they're getting rid of their casual games development, but it seems to me that there's going to be real money in casual gaming. Money made from casual titles could keep them afloat and maybe fund some titles that step out of the box a bit in the hardcore market. Or at least games that step away from what got them in this position in the first place, Tomb Raider: Underworld.

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