Israel based "communitainment" social app, Rounds, has received additional funding and with it a plethora of new activities and games for users to participate in and play with friends.

The thing that makes Rounds slightly different from other social networking hubs that offer games and activities is that it supports video and voice chat while you play, so you and a group of friends can hang out and play games while you video chat.

Rounds CEO and co-founder Dany Fishel commented in the press release about the new features, saying...
“We are continuing to build out our platform and add more and more unique experiences for our users,” ... “Rounds users can expect to get hooked to these new activities like they have with our activities and games already on the site – and probably more so. As Rounds continues to grow, the offerings are only going to get better and more addicting than they already are. We’re very excited about these nine new additions and can’t wait to get going on our next projects.”

Some of the new games include Super Drift 3D, enabling gamers to race around in a 3D environment vying for the top scores, as well as Wonder Putt, which is described as "mini-golf on steroids". I mean, you can't really go wrong with a game that's on steroids, right?

Anyway, you can check out a complete list of the new games and features for the Rounds service below or head on over to the Official Facebook Page to learn more about the service.

New Game Features Include:

• Bubblins: A solo or multi-player game in which you match Bubblins to decrease your opponent’s life while increasing your own.

• Charades: The online version of the classic game lets you act out a word or phrase as your opponent tries to guess who or what you are depicting.

• Faces iMake: Create your own crazy face using everyday objects in new and innovative ways.

• Gluey: Combine blobs of the same color and use special items to rack up points and best your opponent’s score.

• Mad Pet: Race your skateboarding dog, do tricks and avoid holes along the way to accumulate more points than your friend’s skateboarding canine.

• Space Purge: Save Planet Earth by destroying incoming asteroids and rogue satellites, and gain special power ups to score the most points before your three lives are up.

• Super Drift 3D: Pick your favorite car and favorite course and race against friends in a one of a kind 3D speed-racing game.

• Whack-a-Friend: Whack your friend while you Video Chat Rounds before they whack you.

• Wonder Putt: Mini-golf on steroids adventure throws cows, torpedoes, ski slopes and alien abductions your way as you try to shoot par.

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