In a move that will certainly disappoint none of you, the shooter 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand has been canceled. Or killed in a drive-by or whichever gangland metaphor you prefer.

Blood on the Sand is the latest casualty of Activision's purchase of Vivendi Games, according to Kotaku - a shame, too, because it sounded like it would be hilarious. The plot centered around 50 Cent and G-Unit wreaking havoc in a fictional Middle Eastern country in order to acquire a diamond encrusted skull. Yeah. Critics wait their whole lives for a game concept this easy to trash.

Though the premise was horrible, I imagine Swordfish Studios could have made it a serviceable shooter. The screenshots of the game did look pretty good. The game was based on Unreal Engine 3 technology and I remarked at the time the game was announced that "millionaire rappers single-handedly battling an entire Middle-Eastern nation to retrieve a diamond-encrusted skull never looked this realistic."

Unfortunately, the project's canceled and who knows what'll happen to Swordfish. Blood on the Sand, in the ancient method of honoring the dead, I shall pour out my 40 oz. upon the pavement for you.

Update: Well, that was quick. reached Swordfish, who said that the game is currently being tested and is on track for a Christmas release.

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