When Doom was first released in 1993, John Romero and id Software had no idea the kind of revolutionary impact it would have on the video game industry. Back then, Doom was one of the earliest first-person shooters to hit the market. And now in 2016, nearly 23 years after its debut, Doom is going to be transformed into a gorgeous reboot.

According to Shack News, someone got their hands on an Amazon France listing of Doom, which revealed a June 30, 2016 release date.

Amazon France quickly realized their mistake and has since changed the date to the standard December 30, 2016 date. But it’s very possible they may have accidentally leaked the actual release date.

Twitter users reacted to the leaked photo. One Twitter user suggested it was just a placeholder date and not any kind of release date.

Another user responded to the previous Tweet, exclaiming June 30 wasn’t a placeholder date.

Despite the supposed leak by Amazon France, on the Steam store when you go to pre-purchase Doom, the availability date says “April 2016.” So what gives?


It may not be long before id Software steps in to clear up the confusion with an official release date. All that we do know is that Doom has been confirmed for a Spring 2016 release. Rumor or not, fans can be stoked that they might not have to wait much longer for the new Doom reboot.

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