It's easy to dismiss mobile games for smartphones and tablets when the majority of them are crappy microtransaction cash-ins. However, every once in a while a rare gem will appear on the mobile platforms that sports great graphics (Real Racing 3), great gameplay (Infinity Blade) or cool concepts. In this case, Runbot aims to fuse all three elements together for a high-quality experience, with a bit of Tron's aesthetic, some cool music and those bright contrasting colors and urban landscapes from Mirror's Edge.

The free-running parkour game is set within a futuristic environment and players don the role of a killer robot who rejects its original programming in order to escape the facade of a peace-oriented society, runingr as fast and as hard as its hydraulic shock inducers will allow it.

Essentially, the plot is about as non-existent as most parkour games, and is basically just a vehicle in which players have an incentive and motivation to run and keep running. Anyone who has played Vector will instantly be at home with the low-fi approach to basically getting players in and free-running as much as possible in classic endless-runner fashion.

Harry Holmwood, CEO, MAQL Europe, commented about the new game from Marvelous AQL, saying...
“The feedback we’ve had from those who have seen RunBot during development has been remarkable,”... “It’s a brilliant twist on the endless runner—offering a genuinely fresh perspective on the genre. Bravo Game Studios have rightly been lauded for their past titles such as Touch Nitro—but RunBot is going to take them to a whole new level.”

The game also sports an energy meter that slowly drains as you perform cool stuff. You'll need to keep it charged by gathering items during each run. You can also gather up enough energy to purchase upgrades in between runs that will help you run faster, jump higher, fly longer and become the robotic equivalent of David Belle.

There are also a few gameplay mechanic alternatives that take place during runs, where drops or slides through service tunnels will switch players into a fly mode, which is kind of cool. Other endless runners, such as the After Earth game for mobile devices also included features like this to offer players something a little bit different in terms of play mechanics and versatility.

If Runbot does well enough on iOS, it would be pretty cool to maybe see a bigger version arrive on Steam. Heck, it could be another parkour success story, like Vector.

For now, the game is scheduled to release for the iPhone and iPad come August 22nd on the iTunes app store. You can learn more about the game by paying a kind visit to the official Marvelous website.

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