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For RuneScape fans new and old, the day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. RuneScape 3 has finally launched, and you can start your new quest through the world of Gielinor starting today.

RunScape first stepped onto the scene as a free-to-play MMORPG more than a decade ago, offering players a unique alternative to the for-pay questing experiences offered by competitors. While the graphics have never really been on par with other offerings, RuneScape must keep something special in the drinking water, as the game has garnered more than 220 million registered users to date. All of the typical MMO trappings you would expect are present and accounted for, including lots of NPCs to interact with, monsters to kill and loot and quests to undertake. There’s also crafting, PvP content and more.

Now, with the launch of RuneScape 3, developer Jagex is taking their winning formula to the next level, offering a wholly upgraded experience through an HTML 5-based engine that allows players to jump into the game from just about any web browser. No downloads, no fuss, just register and play.

In RuneScape 3, the world of Gielinor has entered the sixth age, a time when the gods of old have returned to the world of man ever-so-slightly pissed off and ready to re-establish their dominance. The game’s first ever community event is also being introduced in this new game, dubbed The Battle for Lumbridge. Basically, as the plot unfolds, the players will decide the outcome based on their decisions and actions. Those results will help determine future content for the game, as well as write the game’s lore as it unfolds. According to Executive Producer Phil Mansell, RS3 marks a giant leap forward for the series.

“The simultaneous launch of RuneScape 3 around the world has been made possible by the hard work and dedication of our team over the last year,” Mansell said. “RuneScape 3 ushers in a new age for players in terms of user-driven content, story, gameplay and technology, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to write the next chapter in RuneScape’s epic saga.”

It was announced back in March that RuneScape 3 would celebrate a summer release and, earlier this month, a release date of July 22 was stamped in stone. For those who don’t have a calendar handy, that’s today, capping off 12 years of RuneScape history and paving the road for the adventures ahead.

If you’re looking to check it out for yourself, sign up and jump in at the RuneScape 3 official website. The battle of Lumbridge awaits.

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