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Jagex Games revealed today that the most popular free-to-play, browser-based MMO, RuneScape, will be celebrating Thanksgiving with a special holiday hunt. And what better to hunt during Thanksgiving than a turkey?

According to the press release…
Castle cook has been plumping the Thanksgiving turkeys up on a special food mix, designed to make them extra lean and tasty. Instead, the turkeys have turned out to be super-sized and extra strong, and they are less than enamored with the idea of being in Lumbridge stomachs!

Well, looking at the size of that turkey I don’t think the people would go hungry for months. Assuming the turkey doesn’t eat them first. Anyway, the new event is underway and gamers who feel like slicing and dicing up some turkey meat can do so by heading on over to the Official RuneScape Website. And remember, it’s free-to-play so all you have to do is sign-in and have fun.