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One part of the trio of 2013 indie juggernauts has finally joined its brothers and crossed the million-plus barrier. Joining its indie compatriots Starbound and DayZ, Garry Newman's Rust has sold more than a million digital copies.

Late last year Starbound broke the million barrier first, and it was followed shortly thereafter by Bohemia Interactive's DayZ standalone alpha... or in the words of the great Dean "Rocket" Hall, the "DayZ alpher". Rust got off to a great start in the fourth quarter of last year, selling 150,000 copies in its first two weeks on the digital market.

Those three games combined have now sold more than 3 million copies over the course of December and January. Is that not insane or what?

The story became a thing when Garry Newman sent out a tweet and let the world know that Rust is a member of the million-plus club.

Venture Beat caught wind of the tweet, as Garry subtly let the news fly loose...

Very, very impressive.

Rust is a first-person, survival multiplayer game that pits players against various environmental obstacles and the unpredictable nature of man. The game was originally known for having players take the fight against sporadic zombie spawns, but Garry recently had the zombies removed.

Some people complained about the removal of the undead NPCs, while others praised the move as a way to help give the game a bit of identity apart from its close relative, DayZ.

The game itself involves players scavenging the open-world for supplies, beating people over the head with rocks and eventually making high-powered assault rifles out of pig butt, bear hides and deer vagina. There has been talk about de-modernizing Rust so its a bit more... rustic. I'm hoping for flintlock weapons and bayonets.

Nevertheless, the game has become yet another massive success for Facepunch Studios, with their original game – a little something-something called Garry's Mod, which is built on the old-so-reliable Source Engine – making them enough money that they could effectively retire.

If Garry and the crew can keep up this pace, in another seven years they'll have a smash hit on their hands that will sell 5 million out of the gate, and seven years after that they'll have a game that sells 10 million out of the gate, and before we know it Garry Newman will be the CEO of Neo-EA, the futuristic headliner of cost-effective robotics and neuro-interactive video game implants.

Good luck, Garry, hopefully when you take over EA they'll no longer be the Worst Company in America..

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