S4 League Patch 24 Arrives With New Maps, Weapons, Events And Costumes

The game that’s all about style and stylizing style has just received a new patch containing a lot of new stuff. In fact, there’s an entire page dedicated to all the new stuff added in the patch. A couple of new weapons, clothing accessories and even a new chaser map has been introduced to the game’s already expansive cache of content.

S4 League is sort of like the super J-Pop version of Gunz: The Duel. The clothing is outrageous, the weapons are equally as outrageous and the action is as stylized as you would expect it to be with a game that combines anime-style fighting with Matrix-esque bullet ballet.

Among all the new additions to the game, a new Buff Coin System has been implemented so that if players get killed they can spend a few coin to “buff up” a certain attribute, such as lucky shot or improved tracking. This is a great balance for players who always find themselves getting owned by the high level cash shop spenders.

A number of events are also underway, including Christmas events where you can earn a Little Rudolph. Need to learn more about the patch, the maps, the weapons and the costumes? Feel free to visit the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.