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Hi-Rez Studios has added another member of the Greek pantheon to MOBA game SMITE's roster. Players can now become Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Aphrodite is a support character with an interesting twist. She can designate a teammate as her "soul mate," so that the two will share all the buffs she casts. She's no sidekick, though, as she has several magical attacks at her disposal as well.

SMITE already features several Greek mythological figures, including Ares and Hercules. Zeus was one of the first two gods announced for the game. Drawing inspiration from an ancient religion has its benefits, namely that it doesn't result in protests.

Aphrodite was added in patch 0.1.1403 for the game. This update also come with a number of other tweaks to the game. You can read the full changes list at Hi-Rez's website.