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Curious how long Sony Online Entertainment will be supporting Planetside 2? How about long enough for you to have kids and then for your kids to become of age where you can talk to them about having kids. That's how long.

President of SOE, John Smedley, let loose a pipe bomb of information on the future and direction of Planetside 2 via his blog, and the company has some big plans for the game, including taking tips from the likes of GamersFirst and their use of account-wide cash shop purchases and brand new forms of content that can both expand and engage users for a great deal of time.

VG 24/7 [via Blues] spotted the blog post and a tweet from Smedley that details one of the major new updates that SOE is working on for Planetside 2, which is a flying bastion fleet carrier. It looks like a miniature star destroyer or a massive, floating water carrier.

This would add a whole new level of strategic gameplay to the battlefield. The main idea is that it would be a mobile way to get heavy artillery and equipment from one base to the next or to drop in behind enemy lines with a garrison of troops. Pretty freaking epic.

Smedley outlines even more for Planetside 2 and what they have in store over on his blog. You can play Planetside 2 right now, for free.