Like film noir? Like jazz? Like samurai? Well there you go, here's Samurai Jazz for you. The game takes a jazz, noir approach to the 8-bit hack and slash genre, offering players an almost 1 to 1 authentic experience you might find on the NES.

The game sports the whole lone warrior in a town full of baddies, using his sword to solve problems that jazz and 8-bit talk can't. The gangsters in place of ninjas is an interesting twist and a prohibition era setting adds a nice of uniqueness to the backdrop.

The retro-cinematic look and washed out colors really helps the game pop as an old-school title, however I'm not entirely sure if this will work as a charm or a yoke for new-school gamers. Many newer indie titles embracing retro themes usually include something more new-generation to help convey a balance of mixing the old with the new, sort of like Fez, Crystal Kingdom or Evoland.

Still, Samurai Jazz is a different kind of title that could have easily been made during the NES era. Having a chance for the game to shine in today's market might be a noble gesture from the community but there's no telling if it will actually move digital copies off Steam's virtual store shelf.

You can at least learn more about the game and, if it suits your liking, give it an upvote or two by visiting the official Steam Greenlight page.

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