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The world of Sanctum 2 just got a little bit bigger as developer Coffee Stain Studios announces the official launch of the first of four planned DLC packs, Road to Elysion.

In Sanctum 2, players spend their time split between tower defense and first-person shooting. You play an elite soldier charged with protecting precious oxygen-producing devices from invading alien swarms. In order to do that, you’ll first need to set up a series of defensive towers, packing loads of firepower and strategic abilities to help blow up, slow down, pulverize and generally annihilate the approaching enemies.

But you’re not content to just sit back and watch the show happen in Sanctum 2. Instead, once you’ve got your towers set up in the most strategically advantageous configuration, it’s time to dive into the action yourself and take the fight to the aliens with some good old fashioned first-person shooting action in solo of four-player co-op play.

The game is available now for $14.99 on Steam or 1200 MSP on Xbox Live. While the console crowd will have to continue to wait for the Road to Elysion expansion, PC gamers can dive into the new offerings starting today for $3.99. As we reported last week, a season pass for the four upcoming DLC packs is also available for $11.99.

In Road to Elysion, players take on the role of TYGAN, a soldier who must investigate the origins of the conflict that has broken out on LOEK III, according to a statement from Coffee Stain Studios. Here’s a gander at what you can expect courtesy of a brand new live action trailer.

“We’ve packed Road to Elysion with a ton of new stuff,” said Coffee Stain CEO Anton Westberg. “Above and beyond the gameplay additions we’ve incorporated into Road to Elysion, the new playable character, TSYGAN, adds an interesting, dark dimension to Sanctum 2 that I think our fans will love.”

So what else do you get in this first DLC pack? Well, here’s the breakdown directly from Coffee Stain.

-New playable character, TSYGAN, a “rogue insurgent.”
-Four new maps with new gameplay elements for additional tactics and replayability.
-Two new weapons, including the rapid-firing Gatling Laser and a handheld Ballista.
-Two new towers, the Range Spire and the Slow Field Dispenser.
-Enhanced enemies, including support baddies that heal and mutate, as well as new bosses.
-Six additional perks to help customize your soldier for battle.

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