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If you enjoy space MMOs and science fiction that involves traveling from one galaxy to the next, colonizing a sector or setting up your reign of supremacy over an entire solar system, then you just might enjoy Barbily Games’ upcoming MMORPG, Star Supremacy.

The company recently announced that the strategy MMO will be entering closed beta testing beginning September 19th and free beta keys are being given out to gamers who fancy a little space travel and galactic domination.

Like most games in the strategy genre, Star Supremacy sports three rivaling groups all battling for – that’s right, you guessed it – supremacy of the stars. Players will pick their faction and work their way up the ranks to become a supreme force to be reckoned with, while battling against other players in this web-browser based MMORPG.

In some regards, Star Supremacy sounds very similar to and almost identical to IGG’s sci-fi space MMO, Galaxy Online. Again, if this is the kind of game you enjoy, feel free to head on over to the Official Website to grab a beta key. Gamers who need a little bit more info before jumping the gun can check out a new gameplay trailer below.