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A new developer diary for Funcom's The Secret World has been unleashed, giving players an in-depth look at how to diversify a character for a number of different situations and roles. You can build a tank, a swordsman, a long-range class, a support healer or a mix of all of the above using the free-form character structure.

It's not a particularly new feature in MMOs, but it is a rarely used one. The most notable free-form character leveling paradigm would probably be Cryptic Studios' Champions Online and next to that there is Fallen Earth, which sort of lets you be any and everything you want. Anyways, you can see the highlights of how that very same free-form system works in The Secret World below.

While Diablo III might be hogging the spotlight for the time being, Funcom isn't letting it get them down. In fact, a beta weekend is starting as this article is being published, enabling eager gamers to test the game out and have some fun with one of the most highly anticipated MMOs since the late 00s.

If you're completely head-over-heels for the game, pre-orders are currently available as EA will be handling the retail distribution of the game when it does become available. You can actually learn more about the character customization, the combat and the world by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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