There have been some huge-arse delays happening in the world of video games this generation. From Too Human to Alan Wake to The Last Guardian, gamers seem to be spending a lot of time waiting for less-than-stellar games to arrive on local retailer shelves. Well, that quandary doesn't just exist for console gamers, PC gamers are also on the receiving end of the exact same problem.

Funcom's long-awaited, long-delayed action-MMO, The Secret World has been delayed again. With a lot of gamers awaiting the game's release back in 2010, and then in 2011, it has now been delayed again from early April to June 19th of this year.

Last August Funcom originally set the release date for The Secret World to mid-spring. But it looks like that date won't be holding any salt, and according to Blues Funcom had the following to say...
Feedback from hands-on press events and beta testing has proven very positive, and Funcom intends to spend the additional development time focusing on polish and tweaking to maximize the potential of the game. The beta feedback so far is showing very positive reactions to core game features such as the role-playing systems, combat, missions, dungeons, story and immersion. Among the beta testers surveyed, almost 9 out of 10 say they will play the game at launch.

Yes, there goes that word "polish" again.

One of the things I learned though is that oftentimes games that undergo massive delays that span the course of several years usually make drastic transformations into completely different kinds of games. Like the above examples, Too Human and Borderlands both underwent major transformations from where they originally started off in development and where they ended up by the time they went gold.

Hopefully, The Secret World will rise above the reservations a lot of gamers have about the title and the polish will pay off, resulting in a high-quality, story-driven, action-MMO for fans of the horror-RPG genre.

You can sign up for the beta or learn more about the game over at the Official Website

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