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Today The Secret World game director Joel Bylos announced some details about the fifth content update to the supernatural MMO. Issue #5 will differ from previous updates in an important way.

Issue #5 adds new missions, but they won't be spread out throughout the game world. Instead, Funcom is designing one single story arc around a new character, Tyler Freeborn. Tyler is a conspiracy theorist who disappeared in the Fog at Solomon Island. Players' search for him will allow them to journey into this Fog for the first time.

The update will also bring another auxiliary weapon. In order to deal with a disturbance in Kingsmouth, players will consult Scrapyard Edgar. He'll then construct said weapon, which is said to have "bizarre properties." Bylos notes that it will touch on an important new combat feature of the game.

The last major change announced by Bylos concerns investigation missions. Once Issue #5 goes live, these missions will be repeatable. The rewards will be reduced for repeat completions, though.

Issue #5 should be arriving sometime next month. Contrary to popular belief, Bylos says, the special event accompanying it won't involve Christmas or winter.