Funcom has set a new release date for the upcoming MMO The Secret World. The game has seen a ton of delays, and it's now moving back from its mid-June release to an early July showing at both retail and for online gamers.

The game has been in and out of the spotlight and has already undergone many whisper-worthy criticisms about the gameplay, pace and combat. Nevertheless, I imagine a delay this late in the game has little to do with the design structure but more-so readying the network infrastructure for the initial day-one load.

One upside is that the original June launch week has now been replaced with a series of additional beta-tests, taking place over the June 15th weekend as well as the June 22nd weekend.

As stated in the press release, regarding the final beta....
This event will focus on the player vs. player experience in The Secret World, and players will get to sample both the Eldorado battlefield experience as well as the massive warzone gameplay where over a hundred players clash together in persistent battle. Here the Illuminati, the Templars and the Dragon will get to duke it out and hone their battle skills on each other before the real conflict begins when Early Access opens on June 29th.

It's pretty cool that Funcom is at least easing gamers into the game with betas just before launch, as well as the early access period, as opposed to just opening servers up for everyone at the exact same time on launch day, which is always bound to result in an orgy of gamer consternation *cough*Diablo III*cough*

Anyways, if you're excited about playing The Secret World then you can look for the game to launch starting July 3rd. For additional information, more details on the game or to take a peek at the latest assets, feel free to visit the Official Secret World Website.

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