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Today Funcom implemented the first major content update for their MMORPG The Secret World. The update, dubbed "Issue #1: Unleashed," provides new features and challenges for players at no additional charge.

The most flashy addition in this update is the batch of new missions. Players will track down the ghost of Theodore Wicker, discover the history of Solomon Island and investigate an underground research facility. Seven missions are mentioned in total on the game's official website. Completing all of the missions will earn you an achievement and clothing items.

The patch also adds Nightmare mode support to The Ankh and Hell Fallen dungeons. Nightmare mode, the third and highest difficulty level, will test your skills to their utmost. Should you emerge victorious, you'll earn special rewards.

More commercially minded players will have a new cross-dimensional Marketplace to play with. Players will be able to use said Marketplace to buy, sell or ship items. You can access this new feature through NPCs in London.

Rounding out the update is a series of fixes. Say and shout commands will now function properly and Filth Rain won't follow you to other zones. Not all of the changes are positive, though. Players are now, regrettably, unable to make their characters nude.

Funcom plans to release updates for the game on a monthly basis. Hopefully they can adhere to that schedule; one thing that sinks many MMO's at launch is slow, uneven additions of new content. The developer says they they'll talk more about the August update ("Issue #2") soon. They hint that it will feature Dr. Aldini, the Ockham triplets and an auxilary weapon.

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