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The Secret World's second update, "Digging Deeper," will not be arriving next week as planned. Developer Funcom said today that they've pushed back the release due to some internal issues at the company.

"We initiated a process of reducing costs after the launch of The Secret World and this has naturally affected the production schedule as we work on readjusting the team and our internal development processes," said Funcom on their website.

Translation: layoffs. Funcom confirmed earlier this week that they had let go employees in their Montreal, Durham, Oslo and Beijing offices. These cuts were made due to "the expected lower initial revenues from The Secret World. The company blamed their Metacritic score for sluggish sales.

Update 2 of The Secret World is looking rather large. Once it goes live, players will be able to wield rocket launchers as an auxilary weapon. Furthermore, they can change their appearance at a new plastic surgeon and barber. Two dungeons, The Facility and Hell Eternal, will receive Nightmare mode difficulty levels to test experienced players. The patch will also bring a selection of new missions. Players will talk to ravens on Solomon Island, investigate the Besieged Farmlands Translyvania, and more.

Funcom is now targeting a September 11th release for Update 2.

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