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At long last, Mafia III has finally received a reveal trailer, debuting today during Gamescom 2015. 

The slick-looking video showcased a brand new world of organized crime, one that we've not seen the likes of in quite some time. Except there are a few very, very different things about this version of Mafia. Things that we like. A new location, a new protagonist, and a whole new world of change.

Gone are the fedoras, pinstripe suits, and stereotypical "made man" imagery. The trailer introduces one Lincoln Clay, our protagonist whose story takes place in 1968's deep south of New Orleans, where racism plays just as big of a part as the characters themselves. Lincoln himself is right in the middle of it all, an orphan who grew up trying to find a family for himself and serving in the Vietnam War. Going from life as a soldier to a member of the "Black Mob" would be a strange and unsettling transition for anyone, but it appears Lincoln was able to adjust just as well as you'd hope.

As the trailer illustrates, when Lincoln's Black Mob is lost to the Italian Mob, he goes a little bonkers. Wouldn't anyone, after they'd been forced to go through so much at once? It's that chain of events that transforms him into the protagonist we're seeing in this Mafia III trailer and that ignites a burning passion for revenge inside his head. So it's up to him to become one of the city's most powerful crime leaders while there's a space to fill, and do that he will.  

And what's the most fascinating about Mafia III so far is that you'll be able to enlist the help of other Mafia heads, such as Mafia II's familiar Vito Scaletta (and my own personal favorite character besides Joe from the series.) Together you'll form a powerful crime syndicate, the likes of which New Orleans hasn't seen before. 

Like in the previous games with their own respective settings, the electricity of 1968 is going to be raw and powerful, with racial tensions, inequality, and a raw nerve of change running through everything. Listening to some of the most prominent tunes of the time as well as cruising around in period cars and speaking the talk during that time should transport players into a very different world of the Mafia, one that we have never explored before, at least not thoroughly, and it's one that I'm eager to jump right into. 

Unfortunately there aren't too many other details regarding Mafia III at present, but you can bet they're going to start leaking out now that the trailer's here. I'm excited to get my hands dirty, so they can't come quickly enough, especially since I'm still riding high off of Mafia II all those years ago. Excellent, excellent game. 

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