Bitbox released a patch on Christmas Eve for Life Is Feudal: Your Own that not only fixed a number of bugs, but also introduced a ton of new content, including a weather system that directly affects gameplay. You can view the trailer for the new weather effects below.

According to the patch notes, all four seasons will be included in the game now and each season will have different effects. Wind will affect the trees and each season will affect “growth rates for plants, cattle and farm harvesting yields.” Along with that, falling snow will create building piles which can melt when the weather gets warmer. Server admins and GM’s can use a console command to enable snowy weather for that current day. But if you want to take advantage of the piles of snow, you can use it as a crafting material to make snowmen and snowballs. Yes you heard right, you can play in the snow.

One user on Twitter was ecstatic upon reading about the new patch.

For those who aren’t familiar, Life Is Feudal: Your Own is a sandbox MMORPG set in medieval ages where you can do things like build your own castle, become a farmer and even dig tunnels underground.


The world of Life Is Feudal: Your Own focuses on creating a realistic world for players with a fictional wireframe that helps meld together an engaging player experience. The new realistic weather system might have been another addition to drive the realism focus of Life Is Feudal’s gameplay. There were other additions in the patch like new mass production recipes and large animal traps that can cause damage. You can read about the entire list of additions and fixes in the patch notes on Steam.