Getting your hands on a box that's worth more than $1,000 with some of the most high-end gaming hardware inside is something many gamers would love. So what's the first thing any curious core gamer would do after making sure it boots up? Strip it down and see what's inside, of course.

The video is only five minutes long but it gives gamers a look inside to see how Valve setup the structure of the Steam Machine. It's quite a nice design, and while it's not quite as elegant or futurist as the PlayStation 4's insides, it's still a lot more modernist than what I was expecting, even more-so than the PC-style structure of the Xbox One's innards.

There isn't a whole lot of interesting things going on with the insides of the Steam Machine beyond the compact case design – and I must admit I'm extremely impressed with the way they fit the CPU, power supply and video card into such a small box. Of course, Valve did design it for easy replacement of the video card, hard drive and power supply, so if you want to swap any of those out for something larger, you can do so with ease. It really is like a PC-style console.

Another video from YouTube user Corey Nelson also showcases the system's boot up time, the Steam's controller compatibility within windows and how well it works as a mouse. I'm very impressed with it so far and you can check it out in the video below.

Yes, the video isn't terribly interesting, but it is nice to note and see where the Steam Machine ranks in the 3DMark benchmarks. The fact that it's only 2,000 points shy of a high-end gaming rig is pretty nice. Nelson, however, attributes the slightly lower than expected score to swapping out the hard drive, which may have lowered the system's overall benchmarking performance.

The main thing, though, is how well the system handles playing games, since that's what it happens to be designed for.

Thankfully – following on the video of the Steam controller being used for Team Fortress 2 – the video below gives gamers a look at how well the Steam controller works with the fast-and-furious gameplay of Left 4 Dead. You can check that out below. Unsurprisingly, though, it's noted that the controller still takes some getting used to. Go figure.

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