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Gearbox’s newest shooter, Battleborn, is set to launch on May 3, but before that can happen the team still has a few of the titular warriors to show off. Get ready to meet Ghalt and Deande.

When Gearbox first announced they would be stepping away from the Borderlands series to make a new game, many fans were a bit bummed. Borderlands makes for some fantastic cooperative shooting, after all, and that’s not exactly in high supply when most gamers seem to be laser-focused on competitive firefights.

When developers pulled back the curtain on Battleborn during E3 2015, however, gamers were once again on board. While the game first appeared to be an arena shooter, it turned out Battleborn boasts a full campaign that you can play with friends. More importantly, the playable characters are vastly different this time around. Borderlands had some decent variety, sure, but Battleborn’s diverse cast of character looks to put that previous series to shame in regards to giving players creative ways to pulverize wave after wave of enemies.

The folks over at IGN recently revealed two such new characters, a shotgun-wielding commando by the name of Ghalt and a fan-waving assassin named Deande.

According to the details from Gearbox, Ghalt is an integral part of Battleborn’s story. When the rest of the stars in the galaxy are being consumed, he’s the guy who decides that everybody would be best served by pooling their resources and fighting as a team.

His play style is basically what you get out of a mechanic in most shooters. He’s a big fan of traps and turrets, and his shotgun makes it clear that his best damage is dealt up close and personal. He also has a grappling hook which he can use to pull enemies closer or draw them into a carefully placed trap.

If you like to use the environment to your advantage, Ghalt seems to be like a solid choice. His ultimate attack gives him an extra shotgun, too, so get ready to double-wield on some alien scum.

The second new character is Deande, an assassin born to a race whose aristocrats enjoy a form of immortality. Whereas Ghalt appears to be more in line with what we’re used to seeing in shooters, Deande is one of those more creative characters that Battleborn has.

An assassin, Deande works best within arm’s reach of her enemies, but she comes equipped with abilities that allow her to achieve that proximity more easily. She can temporarily go invisible while a clone draws fire, or she can even dash for a short distance to close the gap. Her weapon of choice are some pretty versatile (and extremely deadly) fans, which she unleashes in a multi-hit combo for her ultimate attack.

Look for Battleborn to hit consoles and PC on May 3. Until then, be sure to let us know which character you’re most excited to play in the comments section below.
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