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Missing some Sega games in your Steam collection? Well, you’re in luck, because Publisher Weekend for the house that Sonic built is ongoing for the next few days. There are discounts on a bunch of great games, including one massive Sega bundle.

Weekend discounts have certainly become the norm as of late. Sony just announced its ten percent discount on PSN through the weekend and, wouldn’t you know it, Steam is getting in on the action, too. For you PC fans, this weekend’s discounts are on a huge collection of Sega games, including discounts of up to 75 percent off through March 30.

As always, you’ll probably want to take a little time to budget here. There’s a lot of content up for grabs and, even at these huge discounts, the dollars can start to add up. Figure out what you can spend, prioritize some top picks, and get to playing!

For starters, if you’re into old school classics, you’ll definitely want to check out the Sega Super Bundle, which offers more than $300 worth of games for just $79.99. Pay that one price and you’ll gain access to games like Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Alien vs. Predator, Binary Domain, Comix Zone, Company of Heroes, basically the full Ecco collection, NiGHTS Into Dreams, a bunch of Sonic games, Space Chanel 5: Part 2, a bunch of Total War games, Viking: Battle for Asgard, a collection of Dawn of War games and way, way more.

If, however, you’d like to get your savings à la carte, then you can also check out the roster of solo discounts. There's a potpourri of games up for grabs, but we’ll cherry pick a few of them here, including the recently released and utterly terrifying Alien Isolation for just $12.49. If you want to add on the entire season pass of DLC, that’ll cost you another $14.99.

The gorgeous and tactical Valkyria Chronicles is only $6.79 through the weekend’s Steam sale. And the obnoxiously hilarious and addictive Typing of the Dead going for just $4.99.

You can pick up several Dawn of War and Total War games for around $8 to $15 apiece, alongside the Sega Genesis Classics Collection for $14.98.

Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed is a steal at ten bucks this weekend, with Binary Domain offering quite a bit of bang for your buck at $7.99. Also, Jet Set Radio, one of my favorite games of all time, is just $2.49 through the sale.

So, what are your recommendations for your fellow shoppers? Be sure to let us know what catches your fancy in the comments section below.

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