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Good Old Games announced today that they've added Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator to their digital games store. The 1999 role-playing game is now available for $5.99.

Septerra Core was an odd beast, a console-style RPG released exclusively for the PC (sort of like Anachronox). It featured common JRPG elements like an Active Time Battle system and anime-inspired artwork. The game is set on a world with seven continents that rotate around a planetary computer core. An army is attempting to take the core by force, believing it will grant them great power, and it's up to a ragtag group of mercenaries and adventurers to stop them. Fun fact: Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes has a role in the game.

Core publisher TopWare Interactive recently agreed to bring several of its games to GOG. The first two TopWare titles to arrive on the service were Earth 2140 and Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure.

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