NeoWiz announced earlier today that Seven Souls would be getting a North American release this spring, with closed beta registration starting right now. Following up on that news is some new hardcore gameplay featuring plenty of exploding bodies, massive bosses and gorgeous character designs.

The game doesn't necessarily look like the evolution of MMO games so much as it looks like a refined rendition of a typical Korean MMO. The combat is a lot more brutal and the bosses definitely have an interesting aesthetic to their design and logic and it gives the game a more organic atmosphere than most other typical click-and-grind MMOs. Check it out in the trailer below.

The game's main draw lies in the player's ability to draw extra power and damage by going into Rage Mode. Unfortunately the Rage Mode was not on display in the above trailer, as it features a transformation into a raging beast that allows for additional damage and instant-kill moves to be performed. I'm curious how that mode will work in PvP.

You can register to participate in the upcoming North American closed-beta for Seven Souls right now by heading on over to the Official Website.

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