Sex In Games: Still A Taboo And Rightfully So

Oftentimes gamers are usually quick to point out what censorship video games don’t need. In equal manner, all kinds of activists are quick to point out what kind of censorship should lay in store for games. However, it was Valve that laid down the censor hammer during this year’s GDC.

Alex Shaw from Platform Nation topples the topic of video game sex. Is it necessary? Well, is it ever? But more importantly, he addresses the subject of how delicate an issue it is to include or discuss within games.

To prove that point, just recently at GDC, Valve axed a contestant’s game project called “My First Time” in their annual game creation contest. It was, as described by Shaw, a “marrying sex and autobiography” challenge.

Now, the piece on Platform Nation debates the necessity of cautious maturity and progression regarding the inclusion of sex in video games. And it’s a good thing, too. See, the problem is that it’s not just censors who have problems with sex in video games, it seems some gamers (and developers) obviously feel uncomfortable addressing the issue because of its unrelated purpose to progressive interaction…unless, seeing a character wake up and say “Ah, that felt good” is progressive to you.

The real question, though, isn’t if the public or the game industry is ready to grow up with more sexual content but maybe it hasn’t been widely accepted because gamers aren’t really ready to properly engage the most intimate form of interaction between two people.

Unlike violence, which primarily involves enacting against another character or villain for victory, you can’t really tackle intercourse as if it’s something you can…conquer. Unless, of course, you’re playing a Japanese Hentai game. So, where does that leave the game industry on the issue of sex in games? In the same boat as before…without a clue.

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Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.