The Pan European Game Information board has been on a roll lately with revealing new games for home consoles and PC well ahead of their official announcements. The latest game to get outed by the ratings board is the remastered edition of an Xbox 360 classic from Epic Games and Chair Entertainment called Shadow Complex.

Over on the PEGI website there's a new entry for Shadow Complex Remastered. It lists that the game is for gamers 16 years of age and older, as it contains “realistic looking violence”.

Like many of the other PEGI leaks, the game's release date shows the date it was added to the database. I'm beginning to think “release date” simply refers to when PEGI makes the entry public on their website as opposed to when the game is actually supposed to be made available.

If you take a quick look over on Steam – the usual dumping ground for most recognized PC games sold digitally – there is no entry for the remastered edition of the Xbox 360 classic, Shadow Complex. What's more is that if you head on over to you can search through the database but there is no entry at the time of the writing of this article that indicates that the remastered version of Shadow Complex is in the database, coming to the database or has any entry at all for a release on Steam.

It's interesting because even games that are supposedly not coming to Steam have been updated in the Steam database. For instance, while the PEGI shows that Shadow Complex is coming to PC, there is no entry; Microsoft has said that Halo 3 is not coming to PC but the entry in the Steam database has been recently updated with the release of Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One. The contents of the Halo 2 and Halo 3 entry on SteamDB are hidden to the general public, but you at least know something is going on.

In the case of Shadow Complex for PC, there is no information whatsoever. There's no entry in the database, no updates or app page for the game on Steam and there's no mention of it on

For now this could be a rating for a release far down the line. A lot of gamers have been asking about a sequel to the game but Chair has been working on Infinity Blade titles these past few years and then have moved on to work with famed Hollywood director J.J. Abrams on a mysterious new mobile game. Could they be returning at some point to the Shadow Complex franchise or is someone else going to handle it?

For now gamers are left in the dark with nothing but a rating from PEGI to go by. The game was popular for its side-scrolling action-platforming, with a lot of Metroid-style combat and Mega Man inspired level designs. The title was a sleeper hit right out of the gate and is currently one of the hundred or so titles available for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One.
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