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A new trailer has been released for the upcoming remake of the popular Shadow Warrior... you know, that first-person shooter from back in 1997 from 3D Realms and GT Interactive? Well yeah, that game. It's being remade for today's generation of gamers and it sports all the same advanced features you would find in a game like Call of Duty: Ghosts and then some, including next-gen tree movements and advanced fish physics.

One of the new design techniques that a lot of developers have been working on feverishly and with great fortitude is fish AI. Over the years gamers have had one major complaint about something lacking in games whenever they approached a pond or felt the need to go swimming: Where are the fish and why isn't the fish AI as good as the enemy AI?

This conundrum sent many developers completely over the edge. Metacritic scores were dropping below the coveted 85 mark, the mark necessary to allow for developers to get their bonuses and to stay in business. Heck, just look at Obsidian, they missed that one point and now they're making indie games on Kickstarter. Fish AI can ruin careers.

Flying Wild Hog isn't making the same mistake as Origin, Bullfrog, Interplay, Black Rock and every other game developer that hit some door-closing lumps. They've decided to refocus their efforts and do the business right by doing fish AI and then some.

While Infinity Ward has spent $100 million on the most advanced fish AI featured in the gaming industry, allowing for some of the most dynamic fish AI reaction times we've seen from artificial fish intelligence, Flying Wild Hog has taken it step further and went ahead and implemented proprietary fish physics middleware. They are using dynamic timing chambers to reallocate fish membrane procedures in and out of memory so fast that the in-game fish are able to “moop” their lips and then, without warning, change direction without burning out your GPU from the fast-fin animations. This is some advanced stuff, folks.

Now that fish AI has reached levels never before seen in gaming, and fish physics have broken through the barriers of realism, I wonder if it's time for developers to start with cat AI? I'll be impressed when AAA publishers start dumping $100 million in the first game to feature a blockbuster game where the cat can take a dump in the litter box and lick its own butt without getting stuck in a licking cycle.

You can learn more about Shadow Warrior by paying a visit to the game's official website. You can pre-order the game right now if you're not keen on waiting. Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the heads up.

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