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Shadowrun Online Adds Linux, Ouya Support

If you thought Shadowrun Online was going to be just another PC remake, fusing new-school tech with an old-school concept, think again. Cliffhanger Productions plans on taking the project a step further and out of the comfort zone of PC territory and into the wild unknown of both Linux and the upcoming game console, Ouya.

Michael Paeck, Co-Founder of Cliffhanger Productions commented about the added support for the new console, saying...

“Adding these platforms will make Shadowrun an even better cross- platform experience! We are very happy to be able to add Linux, which has a dedicated following amongst gamers, and connect all our players into one base. You can now easily play the game on your tablet, switch to your desktop PC and then later enjoy it on your Ouya-connected TV – without ever having to switch your account or character or suffer from restrictions based on your device!”

I can imagine the Ouya getting tons of cool but smaller games that aim to become nostalgia-ridden memories a few generations from now. That's a good thing.

The main problem that we have during this gen is that too many mainstream games are completely and entirely forgettable. They're way too “me-too”ish and they have no identity. As you'll see in the new prototype video for the gameplay of Shadowrun Online below, it's still an isometric game and it maintains a lot of similarities to the Shadowrun title back on the Sega Genesis.

While it's good that Cliffhanger is adding support for more platforms, it worries me that they're not even half-way to their goal, sitting at $215,000 out of $500,000. I'd love to see this game hit the finish line but with only 14 days to go...well, it's not looking too good.

Hopefully they can garner the support they need to hit their goal and churn out a noteworthy title. It looks fun and I've been itching to play a well designed isometric title that isn't riddled with always-on DRM or a real-money commodity exchange.

You can learn more about Shadowrun Online or donate to the project by paying a visit to the Official Kickstarter Page.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.