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North American and European gamers can gear up their for the MMORPG closed beta of one gaming’s most endeared RPG series: Shin Megami Tensei. I’m sure some gamers are already uneasy in their seats, waiting to see the clickable link that leads them to the sign-up page. No worries, here at Blend Games we have you covered.

Before clicking on the link and signing up for the limited-user, closed beta, which only happens to be available for North American and European game markets, you might like to know that the game offers swords, guns, and a wide assortment of unique and original weaponry. Players will also have access to the classic Devils used in most Shin Megami games...to use them as pets or team up with them in battle. The combat will also be based on a real-time, strategic combat system that surpasses the standard paradigm of click, click, click featured in most other MMORPGs. To top this off, players can customize a variety of items and Devils, by fusing them to create new monsters.

If you’re not geeked for this game, maybe a free sign-up to play the game will entice you a little more? Yes? I thought so. Aeria Games is hosting the game on a free-to-play basis, with cash-shop items being the prime source of revenue. So there’s no worries about hidden fees, etc. I think you’ve suffered enough. Now it’s time to click on the link for Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online’s Official Closed-Beta Sign-Up. Registration runs up until December 1st, so if I were I would hurry and sign-up.

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