There just aren’t enough games out there dedicated to four players kicking the ever-loving crap out of each other. Thankfully, Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios have come to the rescue, introducing The Showdown Effect. Now that everyone can sign up to take part in the game’s beta, the folks behind the scenes are celebrating with a brand new, action-movie inspired trailer.

At a glance –which is all I have since substantial details are nonexistent- The Showdown Effect basically looks like your standard four-player arena brawler with guns. The 2.5D worlds look to include city streets and similar real-world locales while the combatants are similar action movie archetypes. Paradox promises “fast-paced combat meets over-the-top movie clichés” and, judging by the new trailer, it looks like we’re getting exactly that.

So there you have it: Super Smash Bros. with attitude and guns. Who can’t get behind something like that?

“Customize your action hero, grab a gun and see if you can survive the cinematic madness and cheesy one-liners that make up The Showdown Effect” reads a statement from Paradox. “Kicking ass, taking names, and then kicking the asses of those names.”

If that sounds like a good time to you (And, again, how can it not?), then you’ll likely want to get in on the upcoming beta to see what The Showdown Effect is all about. To do that, simply head to the game’s official website, register, and get ready to kick/shoot the snot out of anything that moves.

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